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April 5, 2018


Home of Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando, it’s no wonder Orlando is one of the most popular family vacation destinations in the country. In what was once a small town full of citrus groves and cow pastures, the Greater Orlando Metropolitan region is now home to one of the largest clusters of amusement parks, a sprawling suburban landscape, the University of Central Florida, as well as the downtown city of Orlando.

While families are sure to flock to Orlando for a visit to the major parks, there are many other exciting amusement and theme parks to round out any family vacation. Discovery Cove is a unique park that allows only a limited amount of guests per day but offers an unforgettable opportunity to swim with dolphins. To discover yet another native Florida creature, head to Gatorland where the theme is everything reptile and alligator. For those looking to cool down in the heat and humidity, Orlando also has its fair share of water parks including Aquatica and Universal’s Volcano Bay.

Downtown Orlando, located about 20 miles from the theme park haven of Lake Buena Vista, offers an appealing diversion from the parks with vibrant nightlife along Orange Avenue complete with many bars, restaurants, clubs, concert venues and theaters. Cultural attractions like museums, parks and sporting events are also prominent in Orlando, making it the perfect destination for a getaway full of abounding possibilities for entertainment and family-fun activities.


April 5, 2018

Happy Eating

 Happy Eating

Create a plan!  Make a List of your favorite Good Foods. Include trash foods too. Ensure your list has fresh vegetables and fruits.  Choose lean meat. Avoid artificial drinks.  Plan the amount of food you want to buy.  Decide the time you want to shop.  Scratch all but one or two of your favorite trash foods.  Go get your favorites: Goods and Trash.  Bring them home and prepare them yourself.  Enjoy Happy Eating.

Use this guide to set you straight! 


February 9, 2018

RID Lifestyle is back

RID Lifestyle is back. As many of close friends and family know, I enjoy writing. I enjoy listening to great human stories. We are all connected, so when I listen to anyone, it is healing for both of us.

I have strengthened my relationships through writing. Sometimes directly to the person, but mostly through my journal that I run around town preaching to everyone about. It has sustained me through marital heartbreaks, parental enigmas, and disappointments of friends. For me, writing is renewing. For me, writing is inspiring. For me, writing is discovery!

As always this platform is about breaking from the ordinary…where Renewed minds open hearts to Inspiration fostering creativity and Discovery ~ R.I.D Lifestyle!

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